He goes into where she passes by

I am the ground,
and you are the sky.

Two opposing armies.

Disconnected, we were.
You made it rain,
and the rain came.
Hard and warm,
like never before.

Allowing me to flood,
and the flood came.
You saved me.
Broadripple was burning.

You let me speak things.
Not only from my mouth,
from every end of my body.
You let me love you.

I felt a rush of colour.
I felt the force of ten thousand soldiers.
You said three words,
and I said enough.

Our armies, from each end.
Met in the middle.
Not a drop of blood spilt.
They enjoyed the company.
They told stories,
and the fell to the floor.
With smiles on their faces,
they only wanted more.

The rain saved us both.

The Storm by Adam Elliott (via plode)

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I hate music where it’s like, ‘it all sucks, fuck this, we’re gonna die, fuck you, kill yourself’, and I hate shit where it’s like ‘it’s gonna be alright, everything is just fine’.

The most powerful aspect of music is that it can open your eyes to the frustration of everything and give you the adrenaline and faith to go on with the ideal that you can make it better if you do your thing.

Julian Casablancas.

So much love for this quote, and The Strokes.

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